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acerto 41080 Solid Construction Wood 38 x 60 mm – Material: Spruce – Lumber New Product (B/C-Ware) – Squared Wood for House Construction, Fences & Canopies – Wooden Boards Dimensionally Stable (Pack

About this item
Universally applicable: our construction wood is not only the ideal material for your new construction. You can also use it for interior construction, trade fair construction, fences and canopies of any kind.
Extremely stable – thanks to the special drying process, the KVH wood remains very dimensionally stable even in changeable ambient temperature and humidity and retains its stability.
100% spruce wood – the construction wood is made of spruce and is not impregnated. Spruce is a particularly light and elastic raw material, which still has a very high load capacity.
Sustainable natural product – Our wooden beams come from sustainable forests and domestic forests. Wood is a natural product, which can differ in colour and shape.
Product details: 4 x solid construction wood, dimensions: 38 mm x 60 x 2.00 m, natural wood, new product from ongoing production – 2nd choice (B/C good), dried, rough-sawn, not impregnated.

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