Welding Electrode


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Versatile, rutile coated WELDINGER rod electrode universal 1.6 x 300 mm
Welding electrode with good gap bridging and self-lifting slag
Very good ignition and re-ignition, ideal for unalloyed, low-alloyed and galvanised steel
Suitable for welding positions PA, PB, PC, PF, is welded to – (minus) or alternating current
In the 1 kg pack, electrode colour depending on stock blue or grey, properties are the same
WELDINGER Universal welding electrode 1.6 x 300 mm rod electrode according to: EN ISO 2560-A E 42 0 RC 11 – AWS / ASME SFA-5.1 E 6013 – EN 13479 Most important basic materials: – S 185, S 235JRG2, S235S, 235J. 2G3 – P265S, P235TR1, P235TR2, 265TR1 – P265TR2, L210GA, P235GH, 195GH – L245MB, C21, L245NB, L245GA, P275N – P245GH, GS 38, P265GH, C22.3c2GS45, P215NL, P255QL, P265NL – P250GH, C22.8, S275JR, P275SL – S275J2G3, S275NL, GP240GH


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